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Dr. Keith Roach - Oct 13, 2016

Most sleeping pills do change the type of sleep that you get, and they especially reduce the amount of REM (rapid eye motion) sleep and deep restorative sleep. That's part of why many people wake up the day after taking a sleeping medication feeling groggy and exhausted: The brain did not get the type of sleep it needs. (Another reason may be that the medication is still in the system upon awakening, but this is less of a problem with most medications today.)

Some newer agents do not have as large a risk for disruption of the most beneficial types of sleep, but any medication taken to help sleep can cause people to become dependent on its use. Further, all types of sleep medicines have the potential to cause side effects, the most worrisome of which, to me, is the increased potential for falls; a fall, especially in an elder person, can lead to a catastrophic cycle of disability. It's not an exaggeration to say that sleeping pills can lead to death in a small proportion of people who take them.

Most people get good results from non-drug treatments, such as sleep hygiene, relaxation training and cognitive therapies. For people who have really tried these and have not had success, I recommend seeing an expert in sleep medicine to determine the least dangerous medication treatment. (end of quote from Dr. Roach)

20161014 Fri 12:15 Dr. David Brodner; 561-735-8750; 8794 Boynton Beach Blvd Ste 208, Boynton Beach, FL 33472 (at Lyons Rd.) Dr. Brodner says you can take Ambien forever if you wish. He will give me a sleep study that I do at home. (Joanne, nurse) (Virtuox,Coral Springs,5850 Coral Ridge Drive,do sleep study tests to find out if you have sleep apnea or need oxygen,954-344-7075,Ashleymarie C.) TAKE AMBIEN ONE HOUR BEFORE SLEEP TIME. Dr. Brodner's office notes after my visit say I did not complain of any symptoms from use of Ambien. 2016/10/14

20161024 MonPM SLEEPPROGRESS : cut Ambien in half for 5mg + 1 Melatonin 3mg, swam half mile at 2:00 pm & back extensions, Jesus Prayer, CPAP, happily in bed 9-5:50, mostly asleep 9:15-5:15, up 8-10 times to pass urine, 3 nites including 10/24 had only 5mg Ambien (half).

20161026 WedAM NO AMBIEN : 1st night ; interpreted sleep effort as meditation so was not unhappy ; rested 10pm-6:10am ; peed 8-10x ; best position on stomach looking right w/ CPAP with pillow scrunched down under head to make it linear with spine & with right leg in front.

20161027 ThuAM NO AMBIEN : 2nd night ; tonite no Ambien again and going to bed with positive attitude and resolve. I even took a 20 minute nap today around 4:40-5:00 or so. Conversations with PT therapist & Dr. Bob House confirm my belief that it is time to treat my body parts as normal, not with such fear. As soon as I can I will cease the "up with the good and down with the bad" manner of handling stairs, but today's test said "NOT YET".

20161028 FriAM NO AMBIEN : 3rd nite ; Took 30 minute nap today at 1:00. Swam half mile & did Back Ext & Recumbant Bike (LifeCycle) at Michael's.

20161029 SatAM NO AMBIEN : 4th nite ; big struggle w/ faint need to pee until at 5 or so I finally I decided to ignore it. Big pee on awakening. Rested 10pm-7am & awoke feeling refreshed. It was a successful night but it was not easy like it was before surgery 8/4/2016 and use of Ambien for recovery. Thank goodness for Nancy's suggestion that I learn about meditation and for Elizabeth's teaching of meditation ( breath , mantra & attitude adjustment). 30 minute nap at 1:00 pm the day before did not seem to hurt nighttime sleep and it sure helped me function after the nap. My brother Dr. Bob House and I have always felt power naps were important during our careers and we never felt they interferred with nightime sleep.

20161103 ThuAM NEED GOOD SLEEP : Now have nine nights with no Ambien, but sleep is not good sleep. Getting up to pee 10 or 15 times a night it takes a long time to get back to the next episode of sleep. Fortunately "meditation" helps and I am not feeling the urgent anxiety that I felt before use of "meditation". But on rising I am not feeling refreshed and during the day I still have what I interpret as the side effects of Ambien, that is dizziness, fatigue, and loss of ability to connect the range of information needed to function well (e.g. forgetfulness).

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