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GoDaddy 480-505-8877 15449113 2425 list as a premium domain
GoDaddy 24/7 Support: +1 (480) 505-8892 carl house — Customer Number: 15449113
TierraNet express service code: 84513868, authorization code: NFygj3t3
20160925: i have listed for sale at: enter in the search bar and you should quickly find it
Jackie Brooks
Brian Wright - My client is not interested in participating in an auction but thanks. 2016/09/25
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Selling on auction sites is another great way to find buyers. is perhaps, the most popular place to sell domain names. is another site that allows sellers to find good buyers.
If you have premium domain names, become a member at and list your domain name there.
2016/10/10 6:13 PM (10 hours ago)
I'm glad you survived the hurricane! Sorry about your experience with Godaddy, it can be frustrating at times.
I probably should have had Andrew call you to have had things go smoother. is still the best around, although they aren't as good as previously.
Luckily I have a "go to person" there to make things a little easier.
If you still want to sell me, I have exactly $30,000 in my account
so you would NET $29,735 after the fee if you want the funds this week.
If you want me to pay fees, then I would, however it would be another day or so as I would have to send another payment.
Should we proceed, I just signed up for a TierraNet account (my username is NinjaDomain) to make things easier for you.
TierraNet Account Change Instrustions:
How do I move a domain from one TierraNet account to another?
Moving a domain between TierraNet accounts is a different process than transferring the domain to another registrar.
To move domains between accounts:
1.Log into the account currently holding the domain you would like to move
and click on the Domains navigation tab to go to your main Domain Services page.
2.On the Domain Services page, expand the domain you wish to move and click the Move This Domain button on the bottom right hand corner.
3.Enter the username of the account to which you would like to move the domain(s) into the To account: field.
4.To move additional domains, click the Edit/View selections button and check the desired domains from the pop up box.
Once the domains have been selected, click Submit.
5.Click the Continue button to Confirm the move of the domains.
6.The domain name(s) should be immediately moved into the new account.
Skype: ninjadomain
Phone: 1 304 532 6812

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