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Physical Therapy

Lisa of Golden Orthopedics (561-488-2200 ext 103) says I am allowed 35 referrals/year and have 17 remaining, $35 copay, $1960 limit per year (2016/12/01) BWD Cindy says BWD has revised my referral and CareCentrix is handling it. FL BLU HMO (800-926-6565 Conf# 1-277-187-125-98 Keith) says they have not received Dr. Bassett's referral and they say CareCentrix has no reason to be involved if we are not seeking home health care. Meanwhile it has was Nov.28 that Dr. Bassett asked for this referral and there are 17 referrals available this year and we were wasting them til 12/28/2016.

  1. FlBlueHMO:800-926-6565,XJRH16340698,grp 9999613101
  2. find or create a vocabulary for specific exercises
  3. identify longer range goals for attention: stave off tendancy for older folks to have shoulders&head rolled forward
  4. identify muscle groups for purposes of targeting PT or exercise
  5. identify problem areas for top priority: knee and related body parts & rehab for back discomfort
  6. I have a tendency to slump when standing or sitting, I must strengthen my inner voice to remind me of this and I must change my behavior.
  7. keep log of PT: DOIT'' © Didit © gET 'c:\mo\' 'Didit'
  8. LAFitness: create new map :
  9. LAFitness: Phillip Hance - Mgr, Kelcey - Mgr, Austin Garbutt - PT Director, 954-418-3330
  10. Medicare Guidelines ????
  11. TTR home: brace supine marching
  12. TTR home: cardio exercise every day (run, bike(recumbant w/ legs out front, heals forward, toes bent back), swim) to build cardiovascular strength
  13. TTR home: hip abduction - sidelying
  14. TTR home: quad sets
  15. TTR ice: apply ice for 10-20 minutes then remove to allow a rush of blood to the affected area
  16. TTR objectives: flexibility, strength, muscle endurance, balance (balance is LATER)
  17. TTR: McKenzie exercises: lumbar range of motion (Michael's "Back Extension" settings 55 3; 40 reps in 2 minutes
  18. 20160923 swam 1 mile, new routine is to swim half mile at LAFitness Hillsboro & Federal
  19. 20161003 10:00 am Elvis, authorized for 1 visit for evaluation, then must get more authorizations
  20. 20161003 10:00 am Training Room: Elvis Ramnarace, Dr. of P.T.,561-826-0334,Fax 561-826-0376, Liza Tirado,Doris
  21. 20161003 11:30 am Dr. Harry Mikazans, Boca Medical Therapy, $230 for shoe inserts, 954-363-7494
  22. 20161024 9:30 am Training Room: Elvis Ramnarace, Dr. of P.T.,561-826-0334,Fax 561-826-0376, Liza Tirado,Doris "GOTTA FIX MY RIGHT KNEE"
  23. 20161027 Thu 10:30am Elvis at The Training Room, 826-0334, Liza Tirado,Doris "GOTTA FIX MY RIGHT KNEE"
  24. 20161100 LCM begins at Deerfield in November
  25. Dick's Sporting Goods (561-288-4044) in Mission Bay shopping center can be source for ankle weights for ShortArcQuad exercise.
  1. Arturas Placas (from Lithuania) says I should see him twice weekly and work everday on my own (clarify....) & added SLR to my list of routines.
  2. Art says "Vertigo is serious" (clarify....).

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