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Machines & Exercises

Do strength exercises 3-5 times a week. We want to feel a little fatigue but not pain. Make all movements careful & controlled, especially lowering movements. Do not let anything fall down. (updated 2/12/17 14:23)
Current focus & priorities:

Name of Mach/Exer SettingsRepsUPCEA(Usefulness,PushingLimit,Convenience,Enjoyment,AllCriteriaMerged)
CSQCalf StretchE6×305080b(3x30 seconds), do not bend knees, 10 seconds rest between sets ªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªªHHCS
SLPSeated Leg Press 30F3×105000c(M-4) fully extend but DO NOT GO TO FULL LOCKED KNEE POSITIONM4-2
HABHip Abduction 85G3×105060d(M-7)(push apart) (L2-3)MM7*
STSSitToStandH3× 75000e(nose over toes, 6" box on chair to make it easier) ªªªªªªªªªªDOMOREªªªªªªªªªTSTS
HTRHeel & Toe RaisesI3×105780f(do not rock, upper body stable) 1=heel&toe both ªªªªªªªªªªDOMOREªªªªªªªªªTHHT
STPStepupJ5000g(prepare for NormalStairClimb as my habit ªªªªªªªªªªDOMOREªªªªªªªªªTTSU
SAQShortArcQuadExtK3×205780h(lie on back w/weights on ankles w/bolster under-knees-&-extend-1-leg),more-reps if no wt)HHSQ
SLQStraight Leg RaiseL2×4×20i
HADHip Adduction 100N3×103060l(M-6)(push together)(L2-4)MM6*
STRSeated Row 40-5O3×104444m(M-9)(lower v neutral grip,situp straight,shoulders down & back,no shrug)MM-9
SLCSeated Leg Curl 20-10T3×100000x(later when ready)L3-5
SQUSquatU3×100000y(later when ready)L4-1
LEXLeg Extension 20-10V?×??0000z(Elvis-says-do-not-ever-do-this-leg-extension)L4-4
BKEBack Extension 85-3Z3×100066k(M18) Low Back Ext. MachineMM18
WLKWalkZ15mn0080pWalking is good for balance, strength & muscle. To Michael's & back is 1200 metersHWLK
SWMSwim 1000 yardsZ33mn0010qgood for breathing & well being for remainder of the day & sleep ? (swim a mile is boring)LSWH
NSCNormalStairClimbZ0000u(change my habit back to normal)ANSC
RBKRecumbant BikeZ10mn5060aLifeFitness, workout 4 of 1-11, 72 steps/minute, 34 rpm (NuStep workout 3 of 1-10)MM-B
RBJReclining Bike110mnStarTrac (level 6 of 1- , 70 rpm, 10 minutes)G
CSRCalf Stretch22×4×20G
SHSStanding HamString Stretch32×3×20G
HLRHeel Raises41×2×15G
LAQLong Arc Quad52×2×20G
HTPHeel Taps62×2×15G
HSCHamstring Curls72×2×15G
SLRStraight Leg Raise92×2×20G
BHBBigBallHeelsOnBallSqeezeButt101×2×20(hold 2 seconds while butt is up)G
Click here to see when we have done our strength exercise routines.
Raw data on machines: 3257

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