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Led by Dr. Robert H. House on phone & helped by Nancy, I took a "ice caloric stimulation test" and it produced the same dizziness I have been experiencing (2016/12/12 9-10am). After the test I was quite dizzy and sleepy and I took a 100 minute nap (10:25am-12:03pm) that felt like deep sleep. This was extraordinary since daytime naps do not work very well for me (hard to sleep in daytime). This suggests "vertigo" and that I should get an "epley" evaluation of my (auditory) vestibular system. (inner ear). Nurse Lynn Gordon suggests dramamine but warns it will make me drowsy and I shouldn't drive under its influence. The inner ear and the neurologist.

20161212 Mon Epley test 9am, 100 minute nap daytime, SLEPT EXCEPTIONALLY WELL 11:15pm-6:45 am, maybe no interruptions 11:15pm-5:30 am.

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