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Carl's Workout Map of Machines & Settings

This is a map of the resistence exercise machines at LA Fitness (441 & Glades west of Boca Raton) with settings for Carl (updated 5/ 5/15 08:19).

  FR Chest 5 Way C FR Shoulder S LF Dual Pulley Row B CY Assisted Chin-up/dip AB
LF Cable A HS Decline Press CS • 20 3x10 HS Shoulder Press S • 20 3x10 * FR Row B LF Dual Pulley Pulldown B • 0
CY 5 Way ABS LF Incline Chest Press C NN Overhead Press S HS Row B LF Dual Pulley Pulldown B • 0
LF Pec Fly R Delt C NN Incline Press S CY Overhead Press S LF Seated Row B NN Lat Pulldown B • 95 3x10
LF Pec Fly C LF Chest Press C NN Lateral Raise S NN Lower Back B NN Pullover B • 0
CY Fly C NN Vertical Chest C • 0 LF Lateral Raise S LF Low Back Extension B  
    CY Rotary Calf L • 8 210 3×20    
    LF Standing Calf L FR Step L  
    LF Multi-hip L LF Seated Leg Press L  
  NN GAB LF Hip Abduction L NN Leg Press L  
Settings for Carl House NN GAB LF Hip Abduction L CY Glute L  
10 Minute Cardio •  CY Torso Rotation G NN Seated Dip A • 0 LF Leg Curl L  
"B" Back Monday B • 0   HS Triceps Exten A • 0 LF Leg Curl L  
"S" Shoulders Monday S • 0   LF Arm Extension A LF Seated Leg Curl L  
"A" Arms Wednesday A • 0 HS Abdominal Crunch CGB • lo 30 3×10 LF Arm Extension A CY Seated Leg Curl L • 0  
"C" Chest Wednesday C • 0 NN Abdominal G • 3 100 3x10 FR Bicep A HS Leg Extension L • 6 4 2 55 3x10  
"G" Abs Friday G • 0 LF Abdominal G HS Bicep Curl A • 0 LF Leg Extension L  
"L" Legs Friday L • 0   CY Arm Curl A • 0 LF Leg Extension L  
30-40 Minute Cardio •    LF Arm Curl A CY Leg Extension L • 3 70 3x10  

This is being done as an experiment in the use of Visual Studio by Carl (561-368-7445) and whoever might collaborate with or help him. Please call if you'd like this done for you, or if you would like to answer Carl's prayers for a technically skilled collaborator. We intend for this to be available for anyone's use free at

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