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Exercise is the Best Medicene

Numerous studies confirm that consistent strenuous aerobic activity tires you out in a way that establishes restful sleep patterns that your body will replicate night after night.

Do not do the exercise—whether it be walking, jogging, or elliptical—shortly before going to bed. That will raise the heart rate and boost the stress hormones. Mid-day or morning is best. Your body will remember, and your biological clock will fall into sync.

It is of critical importance that exercise be consistently part of your lifestyle and you may need reminders or other helps to maintain your exercise routine. There are many apps available to support running as your form of exercise. We have not been able to find a good app to support swimming, so we are creating one.

input-027t3.htm11661520150504.12input-027t3.htm entries in this person's exercise log
journal-027t3.htm32501820150504.12journal-027t3.htm exercise log enhanced with evaluative info from our app

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